Jackie Killed JFK?

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The strange case of Officer J. D. Tippit:

Discovering Robert D. Morningstar's "Ultimate Secret of the JFK Assassination" site was almost as startling as the realization that Jackie may have fired a shot that day!   Morningstar gives credible, backed-up evidence for the theory that Officer Tippit's murdered body was further desecrated in order to switch it with JFK's body for the autopsy so that the wounds would more closely coincide with the conclusions of the Warren Commission.  That "stare of death" autopsy photo we've all seen of JFK lying on his back is actually a photo of J. D. Tippit!   I had always stared at the face in that photo in wonderment because something just didn't look "right" about it.  Actually, the head wounds that JFK did receive took out one of his eyes, so there's no way that could have been him.   In the 2007 book by Robert Ries, "Who Really Killed Kennedy? The Conspiracy," Ries reports on page 36, "Finally, Paul Connors and Jim Jenkins, who participated in the autopsy, said that the autopsy photos provided in the Warren Commission Report were not taken in the Bethesda morgue.  The floor was a different color. There was a wooden structure in the photos, but no such structure existed in the morgue (Livingstone 283 to 311)."   

 J. D. Tippit was such a "dead ringer" for President John F. Kennedy that his friends jokingly nicknamed him, "JFK,"and "Jack."

Here's another interesting article concerning Tippet and body altering/swapping in the JFK assassination case: https://jfkplayersandwitnesses.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/j-d-tippit-dirty-cop-jfk-conspirator-and-unwitting-body-double-for-jfk-on-the-autopsy-table/


This "JFK" autopsy photo is, in reality, of the slain Officer Tippit; as is the one below!


But when I read an article by Morningstar presenting the case for Officer J. D. Tippit being the "Badgeman" photographed firing a gun from the grassy knoll, it was almost too much to believe.  But, again, his case against him is highly credible.  A video presenting photographic evidence of "Badgeman" and a reeanactment add substance to the claim that Tippit, or at least some other man dressed as a Dallas cop fired from the grassy knoll.  Here's a clip of an eye witness (the "babushka lady") claiming she heard a shot from the grassy knoll.

If these assertions are true, and I'm convinced they are, they stagger the imagination when we realize the amount of planning and execution that went into fooling the American public that day!   We have to admire the pure genius of the plan to use JFK's body double to not only kill him, but to impersonate him in his own death, effectively also silencing the killer forever.

How incredibly sad that there's a very real probability that JFK's killer is buried in the grave of the slain president, under the eternal flame meant to honor him!  And, that JFK is buried in a humble gravesite marked with the name of his killer, Officer J. D. Tippit.   Why does that make me want to weep?   The real killers got the last laugh.






Musings on the Tippit murder.

The housekeeper at Oswald's rooming house where he went to change clothes and get his gun immediately after the assassination reported that a patrol car paused in out front and lightly tooted the horn, after which Oswald left the house.   There's evidence to suggest that Tippit was signalling that it was time for a pre-arranged rendezvous with Oswald in order for him to ostensibly take Oswald to a small airport where arrangements had been made for him to leave town.  Jack Ruby also intended to be at this rendezvous, and it just so happens that Tippit was killed in Ruby's neighborhood.  It may have been Ruby's secret intention, upon orders from those he worked for, to kill both Tippit and Oswald but to set it up to look like he shot Oswald while discovering him in the act of killing Tippit.  This would not only eliminate both low-level co-conspirators while making himself look like a hero in the process.  Ruby likely did shoot Tippit first causing Oswald to understandably flee from the scene.  Therefore, Ruby had to revert to "Plan B" and gun down Oswald in cold blood in front of all the witnesses in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters.   Here's an interesting take on the Oswald - Ruby - Tippit connection.   It's a known fact that J.D. Tippit and Jack Ruby had a meeting at Ruby's Carousel Club shortly before the assassination, so they were known to each other.  It's rumored that Tippit had impregnated one of Ruby's dancers and that Ruby was using that fact to blackmail and control Tippit, who was married.   These three small-time operators took care of each other in the end:  Ruby took out both Tippit and Oswald, and then Ruby was left to die in prison.  If he ever talked, no one he talked to is willing to report it.  Dorothy Kilgallen may have got the scoop when she interviewed Ruby but whatever she learned died with her when she was murdered in a fake suicide set-up.

For a look at a historic video of the neighborhood and eye witnesses of the Tippit killing, click here.




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